Computershare always endeavours to act in a way that benefits society and the environment all over the world.

Our approach

The principles of our approach to social responsibility can be summed up in the following key topics:

  • ​At Computershare, we acknowledge our responsibility to the environment and act accordingly.

    Computershare runs a global sustainability programme aimed at further reducing our global carbon footprint – which is already low as it is – and helping to protect our environment.

  • ​The Change a Life Foundation was established in 2006 to enable Computershare employees to help those in need in third-world countries around the world. To date, Computershare-matched employee donations, shareholder dividend donations, corporate contributions and fundraising programmes have raised more than $5 million.

    You can find out more about the work done around the world by Computershare Change a Life at

  • ​We are committed to transparency and responsibility in everything that we do. Our corporate management principles encompass a wide array of aspects. They are defined in the articles of association of the Board and other committees at Computershare, and they incorporate exhaustive information on markets, risk management and ethical principles, amongst other things.

  • Our employees are the basis for our lasting success and profitability. Consequently, we consider it our duty to create a positive and inviting working environment. A series of clear principles have been drawn up for this purpose. In doing so, we have boosted employee retention and thus our knowledge base. Furthermore, we conduct surveys to gauge satisfaction among our employees and employee share plans to offer them incentives.

    Our guidelines cover equal opportunities, flexible working hours, healthy living and safety, as well as an open-minded approach to criticism and complaints.

Acting responsibly around the world

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