Recently, many of us have become accustomed to meeting and doing business online. General meetings have also evolved.

Holding your shareholder meeting virtually or incorporating a virtual component enables increased shareholder access and participation. It also gives you a new opportunity to make an impression on your investors and think bigger and bolder when it comes to your broader stakeholder engagement and governance strategies.

Computershare virtual and hybrid shareholder meeting solutions offer robust, secure options for issuer companies that comply with all Swiss and European regulatory requirements and meet market and investor expectations.

Video options to meet your needs

Doing business over video has become common recently, making video the new norm. Your shareholders may now expect you to use video at your general meeting so they can see and hear your speakers. With Computershare, you select the video option that best suits your needs:

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    Remote video

    Speakers can present remotely using their webcam on any device from anywhere in the world

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    Video on-location

    Speakers can present from a designated location, such as your boardroom, or executive conference room

Secure, accurate voting

Eligible shareholders in attendance will be able to vote their shares as soon as they authenticate into your meeting. Voting in the platform is quick, easy and flexible. While polls are open, shareholders may change their votes. Shareholders can also vote multiple entitlements without logging out. Computershare maintains the integrity of votes cast.

Interactive Q&A that puts you in control and creates positive shareholder experiences

You will have a dashboard that allows smooth control and management of interactive Q&A. Questions are tracked to the individual user and can only be seen by the meeting organizers, so you remain in control. Shareholders can easily type questions in the platform, creating positive experiences. Questions can be submitted before or during your meeting.

Why Computershare

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    One trusted global partner

    Trust the same partner who manages over 75M shareholder accounts for over 40,000 clients worldwide with your shareholder meeting.

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    Rigorous security and risk protocols

    We invest millions in information security each year, maintain a 24/7/365 security operations centre with teams around the globe and implement robust internal risk policies so our services remain secure, reliable and resilient.

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    Experience and value

    Service delivered by a highly experienced team at competitive market prices.

Your AGM, your way

Do you have high expectations of your general meeting and want it to go exactly as planned? You can trust Computershare to uphold your expectations and help you achieve your goals.

Would you like individual advice or a concrete offer? Feel free to contact us at One of our experts will get back to you.