Organise it yourself or outsource it entirely?

Do you have registered shares or bearer shares? Do you manage your register yourself, via Computershare (formerly SIX SAG AG) or another provider? Are you listed on the stock exchange or do you use OTC trading? Are you a professional when it comes to general meetings or are you facing the challenge of organising your very first meeting?

At Computershare, you can find the support you're looking for.

Our experienced employees work behind the scenes to make sure that everything at centre stage runs smoothly.

The increase in international institutional investors and discussions relating to corporate governance have resulted in lasting changes to awareness among shareholders of legal rights and led to ever stricter requirements being imposed on general meetings.

With our best-practice approaches, expertise from countless general meetings and innovative system solutions, we ensure that your meeting is handled smoothly and reliably, thereby minimising the potential for legal challenges and liability on the part of your management and supervisory board.

That means you can devote your full attention to talking to your shareholders and maintaining your corporate image.

  • Cooperative preparation

    Best-practice approach to advice with customised solutions Project management with vision

  • Dependable execution

    From the shareholder portal to meeting itself One-on-one assistance

  • Secure, confident analysis

    Precise and verifiable results Data security for all services

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    Advice > execution > analysis

    Our advice is based on best practice and scrupulous analysis of our customer projects from more than 20 years of experience as a leading service provider. Project management is adapted to suit your needs precisely. Schedules, status updates and reports keep you up to date at all times. Afterwards, all data and findings are processed and flow into the process of optimising your next meeting.

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    Project management

    Would you like an experienced professional partner by your side throughout all phases of the project? We will work with you to plan your meeting in minute detail, from the concept stage and organisation to strategic preparation, smooth execution and professional follow-up work.

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    Invitation and reply process

    Is data security a crucial matter for you? If so, you should put your trust in a service provider that can offer you the full shareholder/participant handling process from a single source. Your sensitive data are given the best possible protection at all times thanks to a secure process loop.

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    Attendance and voting management

    Seamless accreditation, ongoing attendance tracking and a swift, secure voting process represent the framework for every successful general meeting. The functional setup of the venues and the choice of voting procedure and method are just as essential to smooth execution as powerful software and hardware.

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    Proxy services

    Investors that want to have more influence and the growing importance of corporate governance are compelling public companies to secure support for major resolutions at an early stage more and more often. Computershare subsidiary Georgeson has been the market leader in proxy solutions for more than 75 years, and offers global experience and unique range, as well as outstanding relationships in local markets. That means success for your proxy solicitation campaign.

Optimal organisation and implementation of your general meeting

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