• Chanthara Sihabouth

    Chanthara Sihabouth

    Chanthara Sihabouth, Head Share Register, signs responsible for the operational share registry business. With more than 15 years of experience in this specialized area he has a comprehensive knowledge of registered shares and capital market transactions in the Swiss market. Before, he held the position of Deputy Head Share Register at SIX SAG AG for six years. Besides the core business of share registry he supported issuers, banks and lawyers as important counterpart in capital market transactions and other complex issues. In 2007 he started his career at SIX SAG AG as a specialist being responsible for employee share plans and subsequently for the share registry and corporate actions. He holds an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education in Business Administration.
  • Marco Schwager

    Marco Schwager

    In his position of Head General Meetings Marco Schwager is responsible for all operational processes around general meetings. Together with his team he takes care of the planning and preparation of general meetings as well as ensuring a smooth conduct in the back office and on site. Previously, in his role of Manager Client Relations & Business Support, he and his team ensured the back office and support especially during the general meetings season. As a Specialist General Meetings, Mr Schwager acquired knowledge on the organisation and conduct of general meetings for more than two years. At SIX SIS AG he worked as deputy team leader in Income/Corporate Actions taking care of the US and Canadian markets amongst others.
  • Yves Ackermann

    Yves Ackermann

    Specialist General Meetings
  • Günes Bal

    Günes Bal

    Specialist Share Register
  • Yvonne Brügger

    Yvonne Brügger

    Specialist Share Register
  • Tihomir Danesic

    Tihomir Danesic

    Product Manager
  • Benjamin Dubler

    Benjamin Dubler

    Specialist General Meetings
  • Sina Hamman

    Sina Hamman

    Specialist Share Register
  • Patrick Kälin

    Patrick Kälin

    Specialist Share Register
  • Michael Lehmann

    Michael Lehmann

    Deputy Head Share Register
  • Ferdinando Paone

    Ferdinando Paone

    Specialist General Meetings
  • Mladen Pranjic

    Mladen Pranjic

    Deputy Head General Meetings
  • Martina Prenka

    Martina Prenka

    Specialist General Meetings
  • Simon Schupfer

    Simon Schupfer

    Specialist General Meetings
  • Nina Siegrist

    Nina Siegrist

    Specialist General Meetings
  • Aqsa Syed

    Aqsa Syed

    Specialist Share Register