The share type of the future

Registered shares are the most widespread type of share in the world. Most companies in Switzerland also prefer registered shares and take advantage of their benefits for their work in investor relations. Only registered shares make the shareholder structure transparent, as every shareholder is entered on the register with an array of useful data.
The automated SECOM connection ensures that our powerful share register platform is updated daily. This makes it possible to observe changes in shareholdings closely over any period.

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The expertise of our employees is indispensable in analysing your shareholder structure. First of all, though, we need to make sure that we understand you and the objectives of your company. Afterwards, we work together to establish your individual reporting method so that you can make intelligent and optimised use of your shareholder data, and not just at your general meeting.

Transparency, step by step

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    You can access your register and shareholder data online at any time

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    Customised reports offer comprehensive analysis options

  • report on your share register


    Reports can be converted to all standard formats for further processing

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