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Streamline DTC eligibility and accelerate cross-border listings

Are you a growing public company seeking investors south of the border? If you’re planning to list or trade on US stock exchanges, from OTC to the NASDAQ and NYSE, DTC eligibility is crucial and can be complicated.

Experience our comprehensive solutions

As a global transfer agent with integrated Canadian and US operations, Computershare is the only transfer agent that offers the full range of services you need under one roof. We make the process efficient, hassle-free, and cost-effective.

Discover DTC eligibility with ease

DTC eligibility enables securities to be cleared, settled, and deposited with ease. Not sure if your securities are DTC eligible? Computershare has a longstanding relationship with DTC and we can quickly confirm whether your securities are currently DTC eligible.

Our efficient setup process also includes our United States Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) monitoring services, keeping you compliant.

Simplify cross-border exchange listings

Considering listing on major US stock exchanges like NYSE, NASDAQ, or AMEX? Talk to us.

Our Fast Automated Securities Transfer Program (FAST) and Deposit/Withdrawal at Custodian (DWAC) services enable electronic securities deposits with DTC, ensuring seamless trading with broker participants.

As a global transfer agent, we act as your Canadian main agent and US co-agent, enabling your shareholders to move their securities effortlessly, with shareholder support on both sides of the border and a consolidated share registry view.

Why entrust Computershare with your expansion?

  • Expert support – We manage DTC complexities including Corporate Action events.
  • Comprehensive solutions – Choose the cross-border package that works for you.
  • All-in-one convenience – Accurate, secure, and reliable records, all in one place.
  • Enhanced visibility – Stay updated on your DTC share deposits.

Ready to extend your reach?

To learn how Computershare can unlock access to capital across borders, contact your Relationship Manager or complete the form.

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