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Exciting enhancements are coming soon to Issuer Online, Computershare’s Digital Portal for Issuers. In designing this cloud-based portal, our product and innovation teams evaluated client experiences and workflows and then developed new and expanded features in one online portal, providing enhanced access and insight. Watch this video to learn more.

Here are the highlights:

  • One place to enter all Computershare solutions
  • Robust reporting and insights
  • Educational content
  • Ability to submit requests online

Workspaces Hub

One of the new features is the launch of a Workspaces Hub that includes:

  • Dividends – View your company’s dividend history, raise a new dividend request, gain insights into participation rates and compare them against your peers.
  • Holder Search – Enhanced shareholder search functionality is flexible and smart so you can access key information such as holding balance, payments, transactions and history more easily.
  • Work Requests – Raise Computershare requests such as shareholder inquiries, document collaboration and file sharing.

For example, Work Requests can streamline the many tasks required for your annual meeting. Instead of any back and forth with your Relationship Manager via email for notices, proxy forms and other documents, all this collaboration can be done through the Work Requests feature.

Explorer Hub

Similar to an app store, you can see the full range of Computershare products and services. From M&A to annual meetings, IPOs to entity management and more, Computershare offers the services your company needs to support you at every lifecycle stage.

As a future enhancement, if you implement any of these additional services, you will have one single sign-on to access all – no need for different usernames and passwords.

My App

As we continue to build out this new portal, the current Issuer Online will be easily accessible, via single sign-on, through the My App section of the portal.

With enhanced security including two-factor authentication, you can rest assured all your data is protected within the portal.

To learn more about the new Digital Portal for Issuers, contact your Relationship Manager.



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