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The importance of environmental, social and governance (ESG) topics and issues continues to increase as more companies are being asked to report on ESG practices by their investors and other key stakeholders. Add to that the new regulatory efforts in jurisdictions worldwide that are changing reporting requirements, and this means more organizations may need to take a closer look at their ESG strategies.

ESG covers a range of risks and opportunities that were not historically considered in analyzing a company's fundamental performance or part of mandatory reporting. Today, the scrutiny of a company's ESG practices is on the rise, and it is more common for ESG metrics to be tied to the strategic goals and compensation packages of executive teams and upper management.

Whether your company is located in Canada only, is cross-border or operates globally, you may want to think about your ESG plan. Do you know what to track and how to set targets? How does your company compare to your peers and competitors? ESG may cover areas including, but not limited to:

  • Environmental


    Resource usage, management and the impact of industry on climate and vice versa, such as greenhouse gas emissions, carbon footprint, air quality

  • Social


    Human capital issues that have societal impacts and risks, such as workforce diversity and inclusion, health and safety, human rights, modern slavery

  • Governance


    Leadership and governance matters related to the legal and ethical obligations of the company such as board diversity, business ethics, shareholder rights

If you think it's time to review your ESG strategy, consider consulting with experts in this field. Georgeson, a Computershare affiliate, is a global provider of strategic shareholder engagement and governance services. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What are the expectations of your investors, customers, or other important stakeholders around ESG?
  • Have you received any negative votes against or recommendations against based on ESG or lack of board diversity?
  • How is ESG managed and tracked at your company?
  • What, how and where have you reported on your company's ESG initiatives to date?
  • Has your company considered the impact of climate change on your business?
  • Have you started developing your “Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act” report?

If you have questions or concerns in any of these ESG-related areas, we can help. To learn more, contact your Relationship Manager who can connect you with one of our Georgeson ESG experts or complete the form.

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