The Computershare Issuer Services Canada Management team is committed to delivering on our promise of providing ongoing service excellence to our clients through the continued growth of our business and innovation of our service offerings.

  • Ann Bowering

    Ann Bowering

    CEO Issuer Services, North America

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  • Wouter Beerman

    Wouter Beerman

    Head of Issuer Services, Canada

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  • Paul Capozzi

    Paul Capozzi

    COO Issuer Services, North America

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  • Tara Israelson

    Tara Israelson

    General Manager, Registry Services – Enterprise Issuers

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  • David Cavasin

    David Cavasin

    General Manager, Registry Services – Emerging Issuers

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  • Eamon O'Leary

    Eamon O'Leary

    General Manager, Registry Services – Select Issuers

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  • Helen Konstantinidis

    Helen Konstantinidis

    Director, Corporate Actions and Asset Reunification

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  • Amanda Castellano

    Amanda Castellano

    General Manager, Corporate Action Services

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  • Mark Kopelman

    Mark Kopelman

    Executive Vice President, Registry Services

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  • Kevin Brennan

    Kevin Brennan

    Executive Vice President, Business Development

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  • Mike Tuff

    Mike Tuff

    VP Law Firm, Business Development

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