​​​Combine quicker results with securityholder convenience by offering Internet and telephone voting options

e-Voting tabulates votes cast over the internet and by telephone in real-time, automatically updating the tabulation database. Your securityholders can perform internet voting using the easy and secure interface at investorvote.com, available in both desktop and mobile versions. Telephone voting is completed using our easy and secure interactive voice response system or keypad input.

Securityholders may change their vote electronically or by phone any number of times prior to proxy cut-off. Each subsequent vote overwrites the previous, and an audit log maintains a record of their changes. 

With our electronic document viewing solution, EnVision, your securityholders will have convenient access to their voting options and access to your electronic materials in a new and improved format that offers the page-turning experience of printed material in an electronic environment.

At the determined cut-off time, the internet and IVR voting systems return a message that the cut-off time has passed and refers shareholders to the material they received in connection to the meeting.


See our e-Voting demo​ and review the highlights below:

  • Secure User Validation: using a designated online address, voters enter their unique Proxy Control number for account validation.
  • Customizable:
    • Internet: Issuers can customize the voting site, including variable text options and your company logo with click-through URL to your own website 
    • Telephone: Issuers can have a customized number with their company name recording and customized prompts for each motion (text of motion can be recorded  in full, along with available voting options) 
    • Notice & Access compliant: Documents are posted for easy reference and meeting material fulfillment options are available right on the customized landing page
  • Voting Recommendations Options: Option to vote as management recommends or on each motion individually by clicking choices for non SEC Section 12 reporting issuers
  • Appointee Set-up on Internet: Securityholders may submit an appointee's name to attend and vote on their behalf.  
  • Time and Date-stamped 
  • Meeting Attendance Option: Asks securityholders if they are planning on attending the meeting