​Technology is the heart of our business. We understand data, and we know how to put it to use for you.  

Intelligent Proxy and VIF (Voting Instruction Form) are the core of our proxy mailing services. Our forms are generated directly from your securityholder data files and they are designed for accurate electronic data capture and tabulation. We also offer 3 Notice options for your Notice and Access mailing:

We also offer 3 Notice options for your Notice and Access mailing:

  • Standard - Used for your Registered, Plan and NOBO holders (if applicable).
  • Dual - This document is used to accommodate both Registered and Beneficial holders. It provides fulfillment details for both types of holders.
  • Broker  - The broker notice is used for Beneficial holders only. Computershare is not mailing or providing fulfillment services.   


Allowing for faster processing of securityholder related forms and minimizing manual data entry, Computershare's voting and notice forms offer consistency and easy recognition, along with the flexibility for company-specific customization. Securityholders benefit from a clear consistent design and issuers benefit from the efficiency. 

To tailor the details of your VIF, please complete the Meeting and Resolution Set-up Form - you only have to complete one form for the Proxy , VIF and Notice.

Our intelligent form technology offers you a whole host of benefits:

  • More effective targeting of your proxy mailing - We can work with you to establish any unique data requirements, then match and consolidate your mail packs based on specific business rules.
  • Individual messaging - Depending on the information included in your database, we can provide individual messaging on specific mail items.
  • Unique identifier automates reconciliation of all mail items - Each mail document we print has a unique identifier linking it back to your share register, enabling complete reconciliation.