National Instrument 54-101 provides Issuers with the option to mail meeting material directly to their Non-Objecting Beneficial Owners (NOBOs)​

NOBOs are beneficial owners who have indicated that the Issuer they have invested in can know who they are. Ben
eficial securityholders also have the option of being an Objecting Beneficial Owner (OBO) which means that their contact and ownership information must remain private.  Beneficial securityholders are investors who hold their securities through an Intermediary. The Intermediary, in turn, typically holds the securities through a depository, such as the Canadian Depository for Securities (CDS), so the name of the beneficial securityholder does not appear on the share register.

National Instrument 54-101 allows an Issuer to mail material directly to their NOBO securityholders, by requesting record date securityholder information from the Intermediaries following the process set out in National Instrument 54-101.
Computershare will facilitate the request for NOBO securityholder information, assist you with managing the mailing of meeting material directly to your NOBO securityholders, and manage the tabulation of any votes received.​

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