​​​Understanding Meeting Dates

Prior to getting approval from your Board of Directors, you should understand the required regulatory and best-practices around setting your key meeting dates.
Meeting Date - Please ensure you are in compliance with your specific incorporation requirements, however, below is some general information:  
REQUIREMENTS: For CBCA incorporated issuers – No later than fifteen months after holding the last preceding annual meeting and no later than six months after the end of the corporation’s preceding financial year.
Our helpful Meeting Management​ tool has information to assist you with the set up and planning of your annual meeting and proxy mailing. Simply by entering the type of meeting you are having and your meeting date or record date, the application will return your optimal dates on industry rule and best practices.
For Provincially incorporated issuers – Please speak to your Relationship Manager.
Type of Meeting:
  • ​​Annual General Meeting
  • Annual and Special Meeting
  • ​Extraordinary​