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From the first welcome pack your customer receives to their bills, annual or quarterly statements to regular letters, your communications across the customer lifecycle are a pivotal extension of your brand and are essential to increasing your customer satisfaction and loyalty. Today, technology has transformed how businesses and their customers communicate, making the experience digital, personalized, and up-to-date.

Our multichannel communications platform enables us to deliver innovative solutions for our clients locally and worldwide and ensures that you have control and flexibility to deliver communications to your customers that are consistent to your brand and comply with industry regulations.

 Improve customer satisfaction and reduce your costs​

Organizations across different industries choose Computershare to manage their stakeholder communications

Banking, Lending and Financial Services

Our exceptional service, quality assurance and data security are reasons why leading banks and financial services organizations trust us to manage their customer communications and meet their regulatory compliance. Our clients elevate their communications from compliance to customer engagement by delivering targeted marketing and a better customer experience across digital, mobile or print delivery channels.


Customer engagement is fundamental to differentiating your business in the highly competitive insurance industry. Our clients rely on us to deliver an advanced customer experience across their customer acquisition, onboarding, billing and invoicing, premium change notices, tax statements and claims processing. By leveraging a multichannel communications platform, our clients’ customers benefit from personalized service, faster decisions and timely communications.

Our commitment to sustainability and quality

We are committed to ensuring that we do business in an environmentally responsible manner. We have implemented and continue to make progress in a range of initiatives that minimize the ecological footprint of our global business operations and activities by reducing or offsetting our energy consumption, water and paper use, waste disposal and air travel.
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