​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We set and reach sustainability targets
all around the world

We have sustainability and environmental targets in place around the world to further minimise our already low impact on the environment, underpinned by our Corporate Responsibility Policy and annual sustainability objectives.


Reduction Targets

We have a number of sustainability targets in place for delivery in FY20, FY22 and FY23. Having these sustainability goals ensures we maintain a focus on managing and reducing our environmental impact wherever possible.

With one year to go, we are on track to achieve our FY20 goals; and continue to progress towards reaching our FY22 and FY23 reduction goals.
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Pioneers of electronic share registry management

In the 1970s, Computershare pioneered electronic platforms for managing share registers. Forty years later, all our global businesses continue to champion the use of innovative technology to enable our clients to reduce the environmental footprint of their own activities.

Promoting fully electronic enrolment for employee share plans

Our employee share plans promote the use of email and SMS options for participant enrolment, and also utilise eStatements and payment via direct transfers. More than 800 of the share plans we manage for clients around the world have completely eliminated paper throughout their lifecycle, with many more delivering 100% paperless enrolment.

Investing in mobile-first capabilities for our Mortgage Services customers

Our mortgage division puts paperless options front and centre in its relationship with customers. From the moment when a new customer comes on board, we highlight user-friendly electronic options to complete their registration, as well as online account management tools. We see significant opportunities to extend our online capabitlies and are actively investing in this over the coming years.

Reducing energy and paper use for shareholders in Issuer Services

In our Issuer Services business, we offer a comprehensive range of technology solutions to our clients to reduce the need for paper forms and printing, including electronic voting solutions for company meetings, online annual reports, fully electronic IPOs, M&A and tax statements. For one UK FTSE 100 company, moving to electronic dividend payments eliminated more than 270,000 paper cheques and 17 tonnes of carbon annually.

Replacing print and mail with digital communications

For more than ten years, our Communication Services division has enabled clients to move from printed statements to more efficient and engaging multi-channel digital communications, including email, SMS and secure electronic document retrieval. We've seen a ~50% increase in e-communications over the past four years, alongside a 25% drop in physical mailing packs, benefiting clients in the traditional shareholder and share plan space as well as commercial clients ranging from utility companies to banks and supermarkets.

Enabling self-service through our video channel

The Computershare YouTube channel, started in 2011, provides hundreds of 'how to' videos aimed at making it easy for people to manage their accounts electronically, whether updating a home address, obtaining information for a tax return or understanding the vesting process - and has over a million views, helping to eliminate the need for paper guides. Our state-of-the-art video conferencing facilities give clients the option to collaborate without the need to travel.

Tree planting program

In 2017 we launched our global tree planting program. We aim to plant enough trees to cover 10% of the carbon emitted as a result of our business air travel.

Each year we maintain our global tree planting program and plant trees across North America, Europe and Australia.

We have planted 7,860 trees to date.

Green Office Challenge 9 - Turn the tide on plastic waste

The theme for Green Office Challenge 9 entries was to come up with an idea to reduce single-use plastic within our business. Winning ideas received an investment amount to implement their ideas. The winners were TerraCycle crisp packet recycling in the UK, reusable water bottles and coffee cups across Canada and the UK, providing staff with a set of flatware to eliminate plastic spoons in North America and eliminating single-use condiment sachets in the UK.

Green Office Challenge 8 - Green Light

We offered a selection of investment amounts for our staff to compete for with their sustainability ideas. For Green Office Challenge 8, our sustainability committee were looking for project proposals that improve the sustainable transport options across our offices. Successful projects included Car Share in Doxford, bicycle hire in Skipton, fitness watches in Hong Kong to encourage walking, charging points for electric cars and CPU bikes purchased for our Beijing office.

Computershare Honey

We have a team of staff volunteer bee keepers in our Bristol office who harvest honey twice a year by acting as caretaker for three lively bee hives. In the high season, this means looking after 150,000 European honey bees. Bees are crucial to the ecosystem as they help with plant pollination but are in rapid decline in the UK. Our bee keeping project began in 2013, and reflects our determination to support the natural world around us.

Edible Garden

As part of our commitment to the environment, our Head Office in Yarra Falls has installed an edible garden in the rooftop cafeteria. The garden faces north-east to receive as much sun as possible and is maintained by a group of staff volunteers who vote on what seasonal vegetables to plant. The fresh produce is harvested by the staff who tend the garden.

Computershare is committed to being a responsible business.

We recognise the environmental and social impacts of our activities and seek to manage them appropriately.

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