​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​As a successful global organisation, we want our shareholders to get a healthier return from investing in Computershare than elsewhere.
We understand that long-term future success depends upon improving our reputation, enhancing employee morale, finding new revenue streams and cutting costs. So we pay particular attention to the demands and concerns of our various stakeholders, while respecting and working to improve the communities and environment in which we operate.​​
You can read more about our latest sustainability achievements in our annual report.
  • Environmental management
    Our environmental management commitments
    We know that environmental responsibility is part of doing business successfully. Computershare is committed to acting in an environmentally friendly manner wherever possible and we seek to do so throughout our global business operations and activities.
    Read our environmental policy here
  • Sustainability report
    Each year, Computershare's Sustainability team organises a Green Office Challenge, giving employees across the globe the chance to take part in environmental initiatives. In 2015, offices were asked to undertake a sustainability audit of their environmental footprint.
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Tree planting program

​In 2017 we launched our global tree planting program. During the first year we'll be working with partners around the world to plant and maintain approximately 2,000 trees to reduce the environmental impact of our business-related air travel.

1988 Trees

 Our commitment to environmental sustainability has been recognised with multiple awards

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