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You need to analyze data and review trends and information related to the Canadian mortgage-backed securities (MBS) market in order to make sound business decisions. How about an intuitive, reliable solution that makes it simple?

Issuers and investors rely on the Computershare NHA MBS Data Site to quickly get the data and insight they need about the NHA MBS program and the Canadian MBS market.

With our Securitization Dashboard you can access the data you need without having to put time, resources or money into developing a custom reporting solution.


NHA MBS Data Site and Securitization Dashboard

The Data Site’s Securitization Dashboard enables you to quickly filter and sort through data to gather the information you need, with monthly or annual data comparisons available at your fingertips. Download reports at any time.

NHA MBS Data Site and Securitization Dashboard

New visual graphics help you understand data and inform your business decisions.


“The NHA MBS Data Site from Computershare is an innovation that illuminates the importance of data and data transparency in the mortgage industry. Its Securitization Dashboard makes it easy for issuers and investors alike to access information that helps them to make better business decisions, understand market trends and better assess risk.”

Ian Witherspoon, CFA,
Advisor, Securitization Strategy & Risk Management
Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

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