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Computershare Asset Reporting Centre provides timely information for securitization, monthly accounting and warehousing that can assist in facilitating informed decisions.

  • Online tracking of electronic file and document submission, receipt, processing, and edit reporting.
  • Greater transparency throughout the pooling setup and processing, from start to finish.
  • Enhanced drill-down capability for each step of the pooling process.
  • Comfort and confidence that your pool is being handled by our expert team aligned with your expectations and the Program.
  • Expert team of MBS professionals ready to guide and assist on MBS service related matters.

Track your pool securitization from end-to-end

Greater visibility and tracking of monthly accounting requirements

Computershare is a trusted leader and service provider in managing your securitization, mortgage loan information and documentation needs.

  • Appointed Central Payor and Transfer Agent (CPTA) since program inception.
  • Provider of expert guidance on the administration of securitization and monthly accounting for Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS).
  • Registry manager for owners of MBS, facilitating the program’s timely payment guarantee.
  • Document Custodian and Title Holder of choice for major lenders across Canada.

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