Financial highlights

JUNE 2020
JUNE 2019
Total revenue
2,277.3 million
2,346.0 million
Net profit after non-controlling interests (NCI)
232.7 million
415.7 million
Statutory earnings per share
42.97 cents
76.57 cents
Management EBITDA
646.4 million
674.9 million
Management net profit after NCI
303.8 million
381.4 million
Management earnings per share
56.12 cents
70.24 cents
Management earnings per share (in constant currency)
56.34 cents
70.24 cents
Total assets
4,989.8 million
4,685.0 million
Total shareholders' equity
1,590.3 million
1,574.1 million
Free cash flow (excluding SLS advances)
505.9 million
312.9 million
Net debt to management EBITDA (excluding non-recourse debt)*
1.93 times
1.84 times
Up 0.09 times
Return on equity*
Down 690 bps
Staff numbers

 Chairman's and CEO's reports

  • Simon Jones, Chairman

    "I feel a great sense of pride in what Computershare has achieved this year, particularly in the second half of FY20. Like every other global company, we’ve faced substantial challenges as business operations and supply chains were disrupted and normal work routines and social structures were interrupted. Every one of our people has felt some strain and stress. But we’ve demonstrated, conclusively, that Computershare remains strong and stable and capable of delivering for our stakeholders – our employees, our shareholders, our clients and our communities."

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  • Stuart Irving, CEO

    "As much as 2020 has been about change and adapting to ‘the new normal’, we remain focused on executing our own long-term growth strategies. We seek to build stronger businesses with scale and more exposure to positive structural growth trends. As we move through and out of Covid-19, some of our businesses will see more opportunities, others fewer. Some adjustments will need to be made accordingly. But we continue to look beyond the short term, to remain focused on our strengths: long-term planning, disciplined execution, making strategic investments to achieve organic growth while driving efficiencies and cost-out programs. "

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 Key Financial Metrics

Corporate Responsibility

Computershare is committed to being a responsible business – we recognise the environmental and social impacts of our activities and seek to manage them appropriately.
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