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Our business is known for flexing to meet the needs of our clients and their customers, and we do that with great pride.  With some of the largest and most well-known brands around the globe relying on us to meet their goals, we are driven to deliver on our brand promise. 

Every member of our team experiences our commitment to flexibility as well. When you join our team, you’ll feel a part of a family approach where we give you the support you need when you need it whether caring for your family, going to school, taking military leave or time away from work to volunteer.  You will experience flexible learning opportunities, empowerment to make appropriate decisions in your role, and the ability to balance work and life. 

Many of us work as part of a global team, reaching across different time zones, so your working pattern is based on your individual role and responsibilities. There is no one-size-fits-all, and it's ultimately a collaboration between you and your manager.

  • three bristol employees looking at a laptop

    Office based roles:

    • A supportive approach to help you balance work and life

    • Continuous learning opportunities 

    • Empowerment in your role

    • The ability to balance work and life

  • Steven Carvache

    Production Associate, Edison NJ (US)

    Steven Carvache

    “Computershare has honest leadership which provides flexible growth for employees and promotes meritocracy. They have great open communication and crave honest feedback from their employees. It’s a great environment filled with passionate people which make it a fun atmosphere to work in.”

Each one of our offices around the world has something special to offer. From on-site fitness centres and team events to roof-top bars, allotments and beekeeping. Our office culture is an important part of what makes us unique and is something we are proud of. Find out more about Life at Computershare.

  • Paul Garden

    Head of Global Development, Edinburgh (UK)

    Paul Garden

    “Working in the Edinburgh office is fantastic at so many levels. It’s in the heart of a city, in a great location, the actual office itself is pretty much custom-built for us. We have some great facilities here that when we bring people into the office, they are blown away by it and want to be part of it.”
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    Hybrid roles

    • Primarily based in one of our office locations

    • The option to work remotely for some of your working week

    • Opportunities for flexible hours 

    • A supportive approach to help you balance work and life

    • Continuous learning opportunities 

    • Empowerment in your role

    • The ability to balance work and life

  • Emma Chesney

    Vendor Management Manager, Bristol (UK)

    Emma Chesney

    “Before I returned to work after having my child, the role that I was in previously wasn’t suitable for part time hours so I sat down with my manager while I was on maternity to figure out what we could do about a more flexible role for me so I would still be part of the team, still feel valued and it wouldn’t impact my career too much. We worked it out and 5 years later it’s still working well. I’m in a full-time role again but it’s flexible so I can work around school runs, it just means that I can concentrate on my career, but not sacrifice my time with my daughter.”
  • Wendy Yan

    Vice President Plan Managers, Hong Kong

    Wendy Yan

    "When I became a mother, I could not have asked for a more supportive working environment. My manager was so inspiring with the level of understanding he showed me. I have been able to balance my role as a parent whilst continuing to pursue my career."
  • Hazel Gardner

    Product Owner, Edinburgh (UK)

    Hazel Gardner

    “I’m a single parent of two teenage girls fully supported by hybrid working. Returning to the workplace after a career break, quickly being given opportunities, trusted, and supported to restore my confidence and simply pick up my career where I left it.”