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  • Emma Chesney

    Meet Emma Chesney, Vendor Management Manager for our People Team and Board Chair of our Women4Women resource group in EMEA.

    Emma’s career at Computershare started 19 years ago when she joined our Communication Services business as a Senior Relationship Manager, and since then, she has held multiple senior management roles.

How has Computershare supported your career progression?

I joined Computershare in 2005, and before going on maternity leave in 2014, I was in a client-facing role as the Head of Commercial Client Services. I decided to put the brakes on my career when I returned to work after having my daughter, and I moved into a Project management role within our Communication Services business, as I wanted to be Bristol-based with no travelling for client meetings. Over time, I gradually got over the shock of being a parent and started to feel like myself again, and it was only really a couple of years ago that I began to feel ready for the next step. I really wanted to explore my capabilities and understand what else there was within the Computershare group, so in 2023 I joined the People team.

What is it that makes Computershare great to work for? 

At Computershare, I love the culture, the people and the flexibility which makes being a parent easier. We are an inclusive company and I have always felt comfortable and protected. Every department I have worked in has supported my ambitions for change or development. There are lots of resources that encourage growth, and Computershare regularly offers leadership training.

How did you get involved with our Women4Women employee resource group, and what’s your role within it? 

I’ve been the chair of our Women4Women EMEA resource group for three years and was recently voted to continue in this role. I was always keen on networking within the organisation, so I was very supportive of setting up Women4Women in our EMEA region. I love being part of this group, as we get the opportunity to meet so many different employees across the organisation with the support of our senior leaders. 

How does our Women4Women group help and support women at Computershare?

Through Women4Women, we provide support to help with career development and the opportunity to meet and share experiences with colleagues and leaders. We also discuss women’s issues, such as health, equity, and working parents/caregivers. As an organisation, we recognise our diverse female workforce and want to make them feel valued regardless of their role or career path. 

As a group, we are responsible for trying to inspire and support women in our business. The group is not just about pushing resources, we want to be there as a sounding board for women and sharing experiences.

What are some of the activities organised by our Women4Women Group? 

We run various virtual events across a number of topics, including IT literacy, sleep and its importance on our wellbeing, meet the leaders, returning to work post-pandemic, and many others. We also have a drop-in session every six weeks where topics vary and are often suggested by our members.

The theme for this year’s ‘International Women’s Day’ is Inspire Inclusion, and we’re planning several in-person and virtual events. 


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