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Chris Hartley's Computershare career story

  • Chris Hartley

    Meet Chris - he originally joined Computershare in 1997, starting as a Programmer from our Port Melbourne office. After moving through different technology roles, multiple international opportunities, and a four-year stint with another company, he is now working as a Chief Information Officer in our Global Technology Services team.

    Chris shares his incredible career journey and proves that once you’re purple, you’re always purple.

Chris started his career with us in 1997 as a programmer and spent his first five years working in a range of different technical roles, including Business Analyst, Solution Architect, and Team Leader. This approach to his career stemmed from his belief that that you shouldn't "pigeonhole yourself in a particular role".

“Always be ready to take on the next thing, whatever it might be.”

Chris has always been prepared to push himself and take on new challenges and as a truly global organisation there have always been new opportunities at Computershare to do this.  In 2002, Chris’s knowledge and experience helped him to grasp an exciting new position in North America. It was an opportunity to set up and establish a technology team working from our Chicago and Toronto offices, and this was the beginning of Chris’s international career with Computershare.

After successfully establishing the new team, just 18 months later Chris was offered a new position in Montreal as Senior Business Analyst, to help expand our digital offering to shareholders. Chris’ accomplishments in his short time in North America really demonstrated his full potential and in 2005 when Computershare acquired a Share Registry business in the US, he was the perfect person to Project Manage the system integration. Following two years as a Project Manager in Boston, and a stint back in Australia, Chris then found himself embracing another lifechanging promotion.  

Relocating himself and his family from Australia to our Bristol office in the UK, Chris became Development Manager for the EMEA region. Then three years on, Chris accepted the post of Regional Technology Manager for Asia. He and his family spent the next three years working out of our Hong Kong office.

In 2014, 12 years into his global career journey, Chris returned to Melbourne for a new role as Regional Development Manager. This incredible career path allowed Chris to build solid connections, experience a broad range of technology positions and establish himself in the wider business; “it was really that overall journey that reflected the flexibility and adaptability which has been the core of my career with Computershare.”

"Computershare has a great culture, which we should celebrate. Not every company is going to be like that."

In January 2018, Chris decided to leave Computershare for another opportunity elsewhere but after four years  away he decided to return. The company culture, the opportunity for more career growth and the connections that he had built up over his 21 successful years were all key factors in Chris’ decision to re-join.

After only nine months as Head of Engineering and Strategy, Chris was promoted into his current role as Chief Information Officer for Communication Services, part of our Global Technology Services team.

Chris’ key take-aways about Computershare:

Progression. As his story has shown, the opportunities to expand and grow your career at Computershare are endless.

Culture. A reason for his return to the company, the people, and the culture that Computershare has to offer.

Opportunities on a global scale. Change is a constant here, Chris leaped at the opportunity to work on new projects relocating with his family across the world.


We’re a rapidly evolving and diverse global business and there is always something to learn, opportunities to explore and a broad range of career paths to progress along.

Join our technology team and help re-imagine our future