• Finlay Pake

    Meet Finlay, winner of our Computershare Apprentice of the year 2023 award and Service Desk Analyst, based in Edinburgh, UK. He started his apprenticeship journey with us in 2021 and recently shared his experience.

    ''I joined Computershare almost two years ago as an Apprentice, and since July 2023 I’ve been working full time as a Service Desk Analyst in our office in Edinburgh. Colleagues from all over the company call into our Service Desk and I’m one of the agents who helps them, assisting with any issues.''

Why did you choose to pursue an apprenticeship?

A few years ago, I completed some work experience with a company in the same field. The role looked very appealing to me and in combination with my interest in computers, I decided to follow this career path. I chose an apprenticeship as they are a good way to start a career you’re interested in and beneficial for development, as you can get first-hand experience while still learning.

This apprenticeship has changed my life and career. Before joining I’d never been in a work environment like Computershare, and I’m now more mature and professional. Having great work experience and an award to my name I feel like my career is taking a step in the right direction.

How did Computershare support your journey?

As part of my apprenticeship, I had the chance to attend courses to further my IT development and learn skills that are necessary in the work environment, such as networking. My managers have supported my learning journey by making sure I have the right course dates; that I stay in touch with my assessor and by ensuring I’m on the right track for my development. I will forever be grateful of Computershare’s support throughout my apprenticeship journey.

How do you feel about winning our first Computershare Apprenticeship award and what are your next career steps?

I felt amazing and quite shocked to be honest to win this award! I was genuinely not expecting this as I work daily with a group of amazing apprentices who have also done very well during their time here. As for my next steps? I’m still figuring this out as I go, but hopefully a more senior position at Computershare. 

Our apprenticeship training programs in the UK are funded and completed whilst working as part of our team. Our aim is to provide a supportive environment for apprentices to learn the skills and knowledge needed to excel in a new role. As part of our recognition awards, we also wanted to celebrate the support and guidance of our Apprenticeship champions and recognise the impact they had on the apprentices’ learning journey. 

Phill Cassidy, Technical Trainer for our Service Desk based in our Edinburgh office was the winner of our Apprentice Champion 2023 award. Phill joined Computershare in 2018 as a Service Desk Analyst and was quickly promoted to his current position where he works closely with our apprentices.

  • Phill Cassidy

    "It was a huge honour to receive the 2023 Apprentice Champion award. Working with the apprentices has been massively rewarding. Seeing them personally develop and grow throughout the year, taking their first steps into the corporate world, gaining qualifications that enhance their career prospects, and achieving full time contracts.

    Apprentices earn while they learn, adding a valuable contribution to the Service Desk team. They gain internationally recognised professional qualifications in less time than it takes to graduate from university and have a lifetime career opportunity within Computershare!"

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