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We offer a world of opportunities to our people, regardless of gender and women have made critical contributions to our business since Computershare’s earliest days. Here are three examples of how we have supported women in technology to reach their full potential:

  • marnie_bull

    Marnie Bull

    Marnie Bull began her career at Computershare in 1998 as an Administrator, progressing to become one of our senior leaders: “I took part in a management trainee program for three years which gave me exposure to the Technology Services team working on data migrations, and then I moved into working as an IT Analyst.”

    Marnie is now Global Development Manager leading a team of approximately 250 people who develop software to support our Share Plans business.

  • Madalyn Zimmer

    Madalyn Zimmer

    Madalyn Zimmer is currently Head of the Office of the CIO for Issuer Services and Head of Delivery. Madalyn has been with Computershare for 25 years: “I’ve held many roles throughout my time here across both our business units and within the Technology Services team. In my current role, I support our global CIO for the Issuer business line and look after our delivery teams”.

  • Nancy Blankenship

    Nancy Blankenship

    Nancy Blankenship has an extensive technology career, working for several big companies, Nancy joined Computershare three years ago as Head of IT development: “When I first started as Head of IT Development, I had four leaders and was responsible for application development. I quickly grew my role, and am now responsible for all of the technology delivery within our line of business, managing over 17 leaders”.

We spoke to Marnie, Madalyn and Nancy about their own experience at Computershare…

What do you love about your job?

Marnie: I work with a great team and have flexibility around my home life, which really makes a big difference to me now being a parent. But Computershare is also a family — I always know that I have colleagues around the world who are willing to look out for me whenever I need them.

Madalyn: I love my job! On any given day, I can work across a wide range of areas and topics, it's ever-changing.

Nancy: One of the reasons why I'm really excited by being a leader at Computershare is that I've been able to really bring change and modernisation to all of our capabilities.

What makes Computershare a great place to work?

Marnie: There are two things for me that make Computershare a great place to work. Number one, you feel like you're part of a big family, and number two, because the business never stands still — there are always opportunities to do something different.

We have a number of different business lines: there are technology opportunities across the globe. We have lots of opportunities if you decide to make a change in your career while you work for us. I’ve benefited from that over the years, too.

Madalyn: My number one reason for considering Computershare a great place to work is the people. I've made so many great friends and co-workers at Computershare during my career. Additionally, I’ve always found the leadership here to be excellent, as is our “purple” culture.

Nancy: I can honestly say in the time I've been here; I'm always impressed with the fact that everybody really does the right thing. It's not just something that we print and put on the walls, but it is a way of working. I find Computershare to be a very rewarding and fun place to work.

What support do we offer for people in technology?

Marnie: We have a really flat structure here at Computershare and our senior management team are quite visible, approachable and get involved in everything that we do and that gives a great insight when you're working on technology projects to look at the roles that might be your next move.

Madalyn: We encourage all our employees to come up with their own career development plans, and we use those plans to work with each of our team members to identify what it is they want to do within Computershare and how we can help get them there.

Nancy: One of the things that is exciting about Computershare is our employee resource groups. Our Women4Women network, for example, enthusiastically embraces women in technology and women across the organisation who have desires to work in technology. We create networking events, coaching events, we support different conferences and one of the really fun things about it is men participate as well, and they're very supportive of the women in the organisation and helping with their careers and really championing them for success.


Looking for your next role in technology? At Computershare, we can take you anywhere.