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Our employees who contribute to Change A Life
voted for World Youth International (WYI) to be
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Computershare's Change A Life charity has made a five-year commitment to support the WYI school in Gokarna, Nepal. This school opened in 1999 to offer education from primary school through to Year 10. It started with only 24 students but has grown to have an annual enrolment of more than 550 students now and is recognised as one of Nepal's leading educational institutions. The school is run by Nepalese teachers and staff, with leadership and support provided by WYI.

Our funding commitment to the WYI school in Gokarna is over AUD 1.3 million through 2022. The funds have been targeted to extend classes into Year 11 and 12, as well as make significant improvements to classrooms and support teacher training to improve educational standards at the school.​

 Highlights for FY2019

Library and science equipment and school supplies

After being renovated in the 2017-18 financial year, the library and science laboratory have been fully fitted with equipment and a range of English and Nepali books. Students are now taking practical lessons in the laboratory and are enjoying participating in science experiments and learning how the world around them works.

Teacher training

In March 2019, 22 teachers from the school participated in a two-week Advanced Training course facilitated by Nepal’s Department of Education. The course focused on the curriculum for each subject and how to teach it in a way to suit individual students’ learning styles. The students’ most recent exam results have improved since, demonstrating how successful the course was in delivering consistent learning methods.

Construction of a student boarding home

The construction of an on-campus co-ed student boarding home has begun. The home will be a tremendous benefit for 50 senior students who would otherwise have difficulty completing their education, due to the long distances needed to be traversed each day over poor roads, which can become dangerous or impassable during the monsoon storm season. Living on campus will give them greater opportunity to focus on their studies, and to benefit from living in a supportive and collegial environment.

New school bus

Many families lack the means to get their children to school, which makes the provision of reliable transport critically important to inclusion. A new school bus was purchased, replacing an older, unreliable model. This school bus provides reliable access to the school for 50 students who do not live close by, and also enables excursions to be organised to a ranges of historical, religious and cultural sites.

 Meet students and staff at the WYI school

Sumitra Nepali

After losing their parents when she was young, Sumitra and her brother lived in the Sapana Dreaming Children’s Home while studying at the WYI School. Sumitra completed her schooling in 2014 with outstanding results, and continued with her studies after school. She completed higher secondary (the final two years of secondary school) and is now studying a bachelor’s degree at Orient College in Kathmandu. While studying, Sumitra is also working at IAE Global, assisting students with accessing opportunities for studying abroad.

Sumitra is an intelligent, confident and enthusiastic young woman with many opportunities available to her. This can be attributed to the quality of education she received at the WYI School and through the loving home provided to her and her brother at Sapana Children’s Dreaming Home.


Anju has attended the WYI School since nursery as a sponsored student. Coming from a family of seven, her parents struggle financially, and Anju would not be able to further her studies if it wasn’t for the sponsorship. She is a grade-A student who studies hard to achieve top results as well as a strong athlete who has won many medals. Anju is very appreciative for the support she receives, and is extremely optimistic that she can achieve her desired goals as a result of the continuous sponsorship.

Bina Shrestha

Bina was enrolled at the WYI School as a sponsored child at the age of three. Her family was struggling financially and would not have been able to provide her with an education if she had not been sponsored to attend school. She completed her school leaving certificate in 2013 and achieved 87% in her final exam, which is an exceptional result. Bina’s hard work and dedication to her studies enabled her to enroll in nursing college. She has now completed her studies and is working as a nurse at the Nepal Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Gokarna.

Bina has a fantastic outlook on life and through receiving a quality education, now has a much greater quality of life and is able to support herself and her family financially.


Anita attended the WYI School as a sponsored student from the age of four. Her family was suffering financially and the sponsorship enabled Anita to continue her education. Anita graduated from the school in 2014 with outstanding results and commenced a Bachelor of English at Jaya Multiple College. She is currently working as an English teacher at the WYI School and has a fantastic outlook on life. Through receiving the financial support towards a quality education, she now has a much greater quality of life and is able to support herself and her family financially.