In FY2016, the Come-Share education programme supported

23 districts
287 individuals
141 education groups

​In 2001, prior to establishing Change A Life, Computershare committed to support a small project that provides funding and materials to assist in the education of underprivileged children primarily based in Colombo, capital of Sri Lanka. 15 years later, we’re still supporting this project through Change A Life. The project, which has been almost entirely funded by Computershare and Change A Life, has an enviable record of integrity with close to 100% of funds going directly to beneficiaries.​

Come-Share provides educational funding for children from year ten (O level) onwards. In Sri Lanka, education up until year ten is free and many children from poor backgrounds can complete up until year ten unassisted. After this point many children are forced into manual labour, even if their school results are very good. 
The project has a strong focus on sustainability, and Come-Share is in the process of establishing a Voluntary Contributions Scheme for past beneficiaries. Many beneficiaries have expressed a desire to contribute towards the educational support of others in the same way that they have been helped, and the foundation hopes this will be an easy way for them to donate.​
It costs just AU$6.27/£2.54/ US$4.81 per month to provide one student with further education opportunities and just AU$100/£40/US$77 a month to pay for a degree such as hotel management or computer studies.​​​

English for Vanni
“English for Vanni” is a programme conducted by the YMCA Folk High School in that is partially funded by the Come-Share Foundation. The programme originated in Vanni, the mainland area of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka, where the population and infrastructure were devastated by the Sri Lankan Civil War. It aims to provide English language training in remote war-torn areas where proper formal education is limited, and also covers IT, photography, and leadership. It has been so successful that it is being expanded to students from other areas as well.

Children who started off with barely a word of English have been able to interact and communicate fluently in English at the end of a three-month programme.

In 2016, 23 students from 6 districts participated in the programme. In bringing together students from the Sinhala and Tamil communities who don’t speak each other’s language, the use of English as a link language is a valuable way to connect the two communities.
Sports and cultural activities
In addition to education, Come-Share also supports exceptionally talented students in sports and cultural activities.

Prasad is a champion table tennis player and apart from winning many local events, has represented Sri Lanka in Junior and Senior Championship Tournaments in India, China and Malaysia.

Come-Share has supported him through O-Level and A-Levels, with an additional monthly allowance for sports training expenses, as well as funding part of his overseas travel expenses.