​TORONTO – Computershare Trust Company of Canada has introduced a new National Housing Act Mortgage-Backed Securities (NHA MBS) data site, designed to help issuers, investors and other third-party financial institutions gain valuable insight into the Canadian mortgage market.

Computershare's new data site has a customizable securitization dashboard that allows clients to easily access and view Canadian mortgage market data and trends related to the NHA MBS program.

Computershare is the appointed Central Payor and Transfer Agent for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), which manages the securitization of government-backed consumer mortgages under the NHA MBS program.

The site can filter and sort through large amounts of complex NHA MBS data to create monthly or yearly reports for a specific issuer or pool of securities, revealing mortgage securities performance trends. Currently, five years of market data are available.

Toni De Luca, Senior Vice President, Computershare Trust Company of Canada, said: "The NHA MBS program is critical to providing access to affordable and fair mortgages, and since its inception, CMHC has entrusted Computershare to act as the Central Payor and Transfer Agent, document custodian and title custodian."

"Through our new data site and dashboard, investors can access securitization market data that show yields, returns and volumes in the Canadian mortgage market, while issuers can access comparative data to better understand their position and market trends in the Canadian securitization industry."

The site enables issuers that are interested in diversification to benchmark their MBS investments against their peers and competitors.

Investors can also use the NHA MBS platform to minimize risk and adjust the return on investment by analyzing trends in the mortgage pool.

Computershare says that the 'highly intuitive' NHA MBS dashboard uses graphical elements to show mortgage-backed securities trends in the Canadian market, resulting in competitive data that are more easily accessible for issuers.

The new NHA MBS site features enhance the existing functionalities, including:

  • Secure document custody
  • Pool trading data reports
  • Pool payment analysis and pre-payment or liquidation
  • Historic pool payment and trading factor information
  • Early maturities reports
  • New issues reports
  • Comparison of funding and loss of equity

As a leading provider in Canada, Computershare has issued nearly 15,000 mortgage pools in a securitized portfolio of more than CAD $823 billion of mortgage assets under custody and more than CAD $2 trillion in outstanding debt under administration in Canada.

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