​Be on top of how your vote is going with real-time tabulation results. 

To keep you one-step-ahead of the voting results, Issuer Online's Proxy Watch give you real-time proxy reporting features.
Up-to-the minute results can be viewed by class, groups or meeting totals. Even better, you can monitor changes in overall voting positions 24/7.
Choose from a selection of different data reports to meet your particular information needs:
  • Number of proxies/VIFs*
  • Total votes received
  • How votes were cast: Online, Telephone, Scanned, Keyed or Broadridge feeds
  • Customized proxy voting/holder reports
  • 3rd party appointee details
  • Class Selection Reporting

Not getting the votes you need?
Even when securityholder meetings involve only “routine matters” proxy solicitation can ensure high securityholder participation. Our goal is to give you complete control of the situation by providing you with every possible tactical advantage during the complex solicitation process.