​​​​​Once your key dates are set, you must advise the Securities Regulatory Authority, relevant Stock Exchanges and Depositories of your Record Date, Meeting Date and meeting type through a SEDAR filing.

Computershare will prepare your Notice of Meeting and Record Dates and distribute it to the appropriate authorities.
To ensure you meet the regulatory requirement, please provide these details to your Relationship Manager 4 weeks prior to your Record Date. 

​Regulatory Requirements [Section 2.2 NI 54-101] :
At least 25 days before Record Date, advise all depositories, the securities and regulatory authorities and listing exchanges of:
  • the name of the reporting issuer
  • the date fixed for the meeting
  • the record date for notice
  • the record date for voting, if any
  • the beneficial ownership determination date
  • the classes or series of securities that entitle the holder to receive notice of the meeting
  • the classes or series of securities that entitle the holder to vote at the meeting
  • whether the meeting is a special meeting
  • whether the reporting issuer is sending proxy-related materials to registered holders or beneficial owners using notice-and-access and, if stratification will be used, the types of registered securityholders or beneficial owners who will receive paper copies of the information circular or other proxy-related materials
  • whether the reporting issuer is sending the proxy-related materials directly to NOBOs; and
  • whether the reporting issuer intends to pay for a proximate intermediary to send the proxy-related materials to OBOs​