​​​​In the fall of 2012, under National Instruments 54-101 and 51-102, the CSA introduced the concept of Notice & Access, effective February 11, 2013. This instrument enables issuers to change their existing mail packs to a single NOTICE outlining the meeting date, time, venue and provide information on how to ACCESS the proxy materials online.

Notice & Access issuer benefits:
  • Reduction in printing and postage costs
  • Reduced environmental impact as no longer printing high volume of materials
Important things to note:
  • Record date must be set no less than 40 calendar days prior to your meeting date.
  • Mailing date must be no less than 30 calendar days prior to your meeting date.
  • The proxy package must include​ a Notice and the Proxy or Voting Instruction Form.
  • Holders must have the ability to request a full proxy package at no charge to them, for a one year period.
  • Any requests for materials received before the meeting date must be fulfilled within 3 business days. Fulfillment must be completed within 10 calendar days for requests after meeting date.
  • Proxy materials must be posted on SEDAR and a non SEDAR site for a one year period from the date of the mailing.
Click her​​e to see the Infor​mation Circular Disclosure requirements from NI 54-101 - Section 2.16.
For more information on Notice & Access, please click here​ to view responses to some frequently asked questions.
Mailing to registered securityholders using Notice & Access is dependent on the place of incorporation as the various Business Corporations Acts provide proxy mailing requirements. Please speak to your legal counsel to determine your specific requirements. For ease of reference, click here​ ​to see a table of concordance.
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