​​​​Your convenient meeting planning and initializing tool 

Within Issuer Online there is a Meeting Request​ tool that will help you to plan out your meeting and automatically submit your service requirements to Computershare.
Once you have decided upon your final meeting dates using Issuer Online's Meeting Simulation tool, you then move on to the Meeting Request. 
Simply by answering a series of yes/no questions, you will identify the meeting and mailing activities you need Computershare to undertake on your behalf. 

Need more time or information before you decide?

If you are not sure of an answer to one of the meeting preparation questions, there is a Follow up response option that allows you come back and complete your Meeting Request when you have your final decisions made.
If you need more information about a particular meeting service, there is a Find out More button that takes you to the relevant link within this Meeting and Proxy Mailing eGuide. As well, you can contact your Relationship Manager who would be happy to discuss your follow up items with you.

When ready, simply submit your Meeting Request to initiate your meeting​

When you submit your Meeting Request, you are notifying Computershare of your required meeting details and both you and your Relationship Manager will receive an email confirmation to verify what you have requested.
You can also print this list in PDF format.
Your submitted Meeting Request then initiates your Meeting Activities​ which serves as your meeting task list to help you conveniently track deliverables and important milestones in the planning process.