​The prevalence of employee equity in Asia is rising, with 83% of Hong Kong listed companies now having an established employee share plan (ESP). This pioneering research for Asia demonstrates the impact of having a share plan on employee attitudes and behaviours.

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Our research evidences the impact of employee share plans on the following employee attitudes and behaviours:

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    Psychological ownership

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    Turnover intention

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    Employee accountability

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    Organisational identification

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    Organisational commitment

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    Job satisfaction

Aligning employee interests with those of the organisation is one of the key reasons companies use employee share plans

Align Employee and Organisational Goals

Our research confirms that employees are more likely to develop a sense of ownership toward their organisation, meaning that their goals and objectives are aligned with those of the organisation, as their percentage of total wealth held in employer shares increases.

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To discover even greater insight into the impact of employee share plans across Asia, download the complete research report today.

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China Share Plan Solutions

Establishing an equity compensation plan in China can be time-consuming, and without the correct compliance can lead to potentially serious implications as local regulations can be complex and difficult to navigate.

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