​​​​​​Client profile


This client is a market leader in general insurance and risk management in Australia. It has a vision to be the region's "most loved, most inventive and most successful insurer". One of the clie​nt's five strategic priorities is to accelerate their digital transformation in order to deliver great customer experiences through the development of new products and service delivery ideas.



Previously the client utilised traditional delivery methods for transactional or general communications, i.e. policy renewals for their customers, which meant that their customers would wait days for their insurance certificates and information to arrive in the mail. The customer experience was poor and lacked the immediacy and responsiveness of digital communications.


​The client wanted to grow market share for their challenger brand, accelerate their digital engagement and avoid the continually increasing costs associated with the Australian postal system. The brand differentiates itself on the high quality of customer experience and transformation of delivery channels, and the client wanted to assess its options. 



Computershare provided on-demand eDocuments solution that would digitise all of the existing documents for their Motor, Home and Landlord insurance services. In addition, the solution provided full reporting, fully auditable digital archiving and on-demand retrieval of documents in order to equip their sales and customer care representatives with any correspondence at their fingertips.


​Instead of replicating the physical correspondence to an email format, Computershare applied the latest trends and best practice to ensure they delivered a superior customer experience. With Computershare's email composition consultants' combined industry knowledge of user behaviour and technical expertise, the client redefined their communications and delivery strategy. This included the digitisation of all of their documents and the ability to send emails on-demand. Computershare's online archive also enabled the client to host all composed and delivered documents in a central repository. 



​Today our client's customers can contact their call centre and receive their new insurance documents on-demand. The eDocuments delivered by Computershare render across multiple devices, email delivery platforms and apps to ensure the best customer experience. Within eight weeks of delivery, the client has over 30,000 customers migrated to eDocuments without requiring extra budget on marketing initiatives. At the current rate of adoption, the client expects to communicate with 80% of all new customers and 60% of all customers through digital channels within 12 months.


Successful collaboration between Computershare and the client's project teams meant that the implementation was completed on time within an 11 week deadline and on budget. By tailoring the project delivery methodology to bridge the traditional waterfall and Agile approaches, the project teams were more responsive to actioning requests and reviewing and approving releases, creating a true team experience for the delivery team.




​Early engagement proved to be key to the successful outcome of the project, particularly with the inclusion of Computershare's team from 'hour one'. We were able to work well as a single team, easily communicate throughout and manage issues positively and effectively as they arose.​​

​Tony Ristevski, Managing Director, Computershare Communication Services