The expected introduction of the digital incorporation of the BV on 1 January 2023 will not be feasible as the House Committee for Justice and Security has decided that the act must first be discussed in plenary. It is expected that the implementation date will be postponed to the summer of 2023.

The so called DOBV-system (Digital establishment of a BV), managed by the notary and with which the notary can identify a founder online, speak to the founder, explain, and execute the deed of incorporation is ready and awaits the introduction of the corresponding legalisation.

Civil-law notaries have the possibility to gain their first experience with the system since March 2022.

It remains possible to physically incorporate a BV by going to the notary. In fact, this will be mandatory if there is a suspicion of identity fraud.

In case you have any questions regarding the digital incorporation of the BV or your corporate governance? Please contact us:


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