​​​​​​​We are the market leader in the Netherlands for Annual and Extraordinary Shareholder Meeting Services ​​​

Companies look to us to manage their meetings and associated voting requirements. Companies reach out for guidance on good corporate governance, constitutional requirements and best practice meeting methodology, areas that can seem daunting to manage internally.

We provide listed companies and organisations with a tailored, end-to-end solution for more than 30 shareholder meetings in the Netherlands each year.

Through our experience in handling complex meetings and votes, we have developed solutions that can be customised to suit your requirements for a listed or non-listed entity, across both the public and private sectors. Comprehensive voting registration and reporting systems, coupled with our electronic handset devices ensure we successfully meet the needs of any organisation.

In the past few years the​​​re has been a marked increase in the level of voting at company general meetings and a move from a show of hands to resolutions being taken by poll. This has led to a need to automate the voting process.

We assist listed Issuers with an electronic voting system that streamlines the voting process. Shareholders are provided with handsets and Smartcards at registration that link voting rights to their shareholdings (more information can be found in the section 'Streamline the voting process'). Votes are recorded instantly and accurately with the option of results being displayed live on-screen. A comprehensive set of reports are produced post-event.