Kirsten van Rooijen

Kirsten heads up the Computershare Netherlands business and is part of the Regulatory and Market Initiatives team of Global Capital Markets and the Georgeson Advisory Services team. Kirsten joined Georgeson in 2007 in London and has worked on numerous high profile AGMs and transactions in the Benelux, including ASM International, ING Group, Shell and Unilever. She leads the Computershare Netherlands team and consults on 30+ Shareholder Meetings during the year. Her focus is also on EU regulation and has a strong knowledge of corporate governance related items.

Johan Scholten

Johan started his career at Computershare in December 2016, he is the relationship manager for all Dutch AGM clients.

As a relationship manager he has close contact with clients before, during and after their AGM.

Many of our clients are familiar with Johan, as in his previous role with our partner Lumi he was already responsible for a number of shareholder meetings. This experience will help Johan to provide our clients with the best support in the lead up to their shareholder meeting.

Johan also focuses on voting behaviour analytics at shareholder meetings and the role out of other Computershare products like Boardworks, GEMS, CIMS and Employee Share plans.

Eveline de Vin

Eveline joined Computershare in February 2015, focusing on the busiest time of the year: the AGM-season. She supports the project team, has close contact with clients and monitors planning during the year. Financial management and marketing are areas in which she is broadly present within the team. She is now on her way to becoming a “Risk Champion”. Previously, Eveline worked as an Office Manager and Account Executive.

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