On 21 April 2022, the bill regarding the digital incorporation of a BV has been submitted to the lower of house of the Dutch Parliament.

In order to be able to digitally incorporate a BV the notary would have to be connected to a special system. Via this system, the client will appear online for the civil-law notary via a video and audio connection. Since March 2022, civil-law notaries have the possibility to gain their first experience with this system.

The incorporator who wants to establish a BV in the Netherlands would use certain online steps, which should be completed within five working days, or, if applicable, within ten working days.

It remains possible to physically incorporate a BV by going to the notary. In fact, this will be mandatory in specific cases.

In case you have any questions regarding the digital incorporation of the BV or your corporate governance? Please contact us: Carmen.bosman@computershare.nl.

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