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    Improving compensation plan engagement for you

    Our Fund Incentive Plan helps you effectively manage your fund-linked compensation plans, taking advantage of proven technology, saving you time and simplifying your plan management. Your participants benefit too, from a clear overview making it easier for them to understand and engage with their compensation.

    Get the help you need

    You can choose from a range of solutions to manage your Fund Incentive Plan, depending on your needs. We keep the records of the plan for you and your participants, and work with you to look at solutions that support you to hedge the granted positions with your preferred trustee.

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    Drive employee engagement

    Help participants to better understand the link between effective fund management and their compensation.

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    Streamline plan management

    Use a single supplier, platform and data source to bring you peace of mind and save you time.

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    Flexible solutions

    Choose from a range of solutions to manage your Fund Incentive Plan, depending on your needs.

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    Proven technology

    Manage the full range of equity, cash and fund-linked compensation plans with EquatePlus, our market-leading platform.

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    Effortless for participants

    Make it easy for participants to manage their compensation plans in one place through our web platform or mobile app.

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    Simple to stay compliant

    Align your employees’ compensation with the performance of the funds they are managing through our Fund Incentive Plan.

Tailored for you

Our core offering provides all you need to manage your Fund Incentive Plan, and you have the flexibility to add on features to suit your needs.

Core offering:

  • Grant notification and allocation upload
  • Automated leaver handling
  • Flexible vesting schemes
  • Cash distribution through payroll
  • Standard tax calculations

Additional features:

  • Grant acceptance and automated generation
  • Supported leaver handling
  • Vesting – complex tax calculations
  • Position rebalancing – reallocation election
  • Dividend handling
  • Manual price updates
  • Corporate actions
  • Liquidations
  • Financial reporting

Please note that some features may not be available in your region currently. Contact us for details.

Motivate your employees and increase engagement and performance.

To develop and launch an employee equity plan that will motivate your employees and enhance performance, we take the time to understand your business plan and objectives.

But this is only the beginning of your journey. We'll appoint a dedicated relationship manager to give you expert support for the life of your plan. Your relationship manager will be your primary point of contact and will ensure everything you need is delivered seamlessly.

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