​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Supporting shareholders across the globe​

Establishing listings on multiple exchanges creates a flow of securities between each market, which can enhance a company's liquidity. For market participants trading internationally, it's critical to have the certainty of timely settlements and the flexibility to choose which securities market they operate in.

It's also crucial that your investors around the world have access to support where they most need it. With the increasingly global nature of companies and their securities, our dedicated Global Transaction team delivers cross-border movement capabilities to companies, market participants and shareholders.​​

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    Offering certainty of meeting trade deadlines

    xSettle, our secure online instructions portal, allows shareholders initiating cross-border movements to see transactions completed within 24 hours. This gives users certainty that their settlement and trade deadlines will be met.

    The secure and intuitive interface quickly guides users to nominate the security, primary and destination registers, quantity and transfer details.

    Market participants can use our cross-border service and trade securities in any market with confidence they can meet their settlement obligations. Securities are able to move from one market and be issued in another with a same day or next day service (time zones permitting), without the need for paper requests from market participants.

Computershare provides ResMed with a seamless global service platform

“Having Computershare maintain our registers in the U.S. and Australia provides a level of efficiency and convenience that saves time and resources, while also streamlining the coordination of our AGM and dividend payment. Global Issuer Online provides access to all of our registry information, through both the U.S. common stock register and Australian CDI register, in one consolidated location.” Greg James, Vice President - Corporate Finance and Treasury, ResMed Inc.

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Connecting you with investors in each region

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    Connect to capital markets

    A global technology platform and operational infrastructure helps market participants meet their settlement deadlines.

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    Avoid costly penalties

    Global connectivity and streamlined processes help market participants avoid costly penalties and charges from settlement failures.

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    Mitigate risk

    The ability to move securities within 24 hours reduces the risk of not having securities available to meet settlement deadlines. In the majority of markets, securities are delivered directly to the nominated counter party in the local settlement system.

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    Trade in multiple markets

    Computershare is unique in having the ability to settle trades across two or more markets concurrently. Some global market participants will only trade in securities they know Computershare is managing, which provides a controlled settlement process of their trading and which may bolster liquidity.

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    Gain cross-border expertise

    24/7 support for investors is available via dedicated global transaction teams in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

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