Enhanced technology to manage performance plans

Computershare has joined forces with Aon to roll-out their leading PeerTracker application to clients globally to manage performance-based long-term incentive plans.

PeerTracker takes the guesswork out of performance-based equity awards. Its capabilities include the calculation of relative performance metrics set forth in the plans, with access to market and financial data for more than 60,000 companies in over 180 different currencies from Standard & Poor’s Capital IQ system.

Aon PeerTracker
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    Display current performance and total award value to participants

    Company performance data from Aon’s PeerTracker is available in Computershare’s EquatePlus platform.

    This allows employees participating in performance-based long-term incentive plans to easily see the impact of their company’s current performance on the value of their portfolio, along with the target and maximum performance values at any time.

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Client benefits

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    Drive performance

    Display up-to-date portfolio valuation based on performance calculations to participants in EquatePlus.

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    Create educational efficiencies

    Reduce inquiries and increase employee engagement due to better understanding.

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    Integrated end-to-end services

    Whatever your objectives, Computershare’s services flex to meet the needs of today’s global compensation plans.

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    Calculate with confidence

    Trust in the experience in executing performance-based calculations including complex metrics.

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    Tracking expertise

    Aon has created PeerTracker sites for more than 1,000 plans globally, developing extensive expertise and hundreds of customised communication and reporting solutions along the way.

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    Final performance certification

    A final performance certification letter is issued for each plan ending. The final payout is reviewed thoroughly and signed off by Aon Equity Service team.

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