Who can vote?

FRV (DIR and nominee can vote)

FRV - shares reported at nominee level (bank, agent etc.). Each nominee bank reports nominee accounts on the record date. All DIR and nominee accounts have received a notification by post from Computershare. Any shareholder can also download the above proxy and send to Computershare (see address below). If a nominee bank is holding a nominee account and underlying beneficial shareholders want to vote at the Meeting, the nominee bank must follow these instructions:

  1.  The beneficial shareholder must sign the proxy and send the original to Computershare. If you are signing on behalf of a corporation or another individual you must sign the proxy with signing capacity stated (title), and you may be required to provide documentation evidencing your power to sign the proxy
  2. The nominee bank must provide a certificate of holding stating the beneficial shareholders name and amount of shares held on the record date.
  3. If a nominee bank has a Power of Attorney (PoA) from the beneficial shareholder, an authorised person at the nominee bank may sign the proxy provided that the PoA is enclosed with the proxy.


DIR (only DIR can vote)

DIR means that only shareholders with direct registered shares may vote. If the shares are in a nominee account, the nominee bank must temporarily re-register shares for voting before the record date in the share register maintained by Euroclear Sweden. Computershare provides a blank proxy above, but it is the responsibility of the shareholder to re-register the shares in their name through the nominee bank (“rösträttsregistrering”).

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    US and Canada registered companies have a record date before the mailing date. 

    Information/Help Line: +46 (0)771 24 64 00

    Address for mailing proxy forms (please do not send registered mails):

    Computershare AB P.O. Box 5267 SE-102 46 Stockholm, Sweden ​

    For courier and express: Strandvägen 7A 4 TR, SE-114 56 Stockholm, Sweden.