Building a supply of shares for future plan events

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    Employee equity plans often need a ready supply of shares for vestings. When it comes to delivering these shares, you have a number of choices which can include allotting new shares, using treasury shares or using shares held in an employee share plan trust. The amount of stock needed to satisfy plan vestings makes employee benefit trusts an attractive solution for the efficiency and independence they provide.

    • Receive best-in-class support from the leading dedicated share plan trustee business in the market

    • Save significant time with an integrated approach between the trustee, custodian and administration teams

    • Access advantageous share dealing, bank interest and FX rates

    • Enjoy peace of mind knowing there is an independent regulated trustee, so the integrity of your trust is never compromised

    • Trust in the certainty of having all trustee services in-house (trustee, custody, compliance and share dealing with legal and tax support)

Why use an employee share plan trust?

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    Holding shares for deferred bonuses

    Deferred bonuses are becoming a common theme where a portion of an executive’s cash bonus must be deferred into shares and restricted for a period of time. An employee share plan trust creates an independent vehicle in which such shares can be held.

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    Creating a market for employee shareholders

    Employee share plan trusts can be used by private companies or public companies with illiquid stock to create a flexible and efficient internal market for their shares.

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    Allowing participants to exercise shareholder rights

    Where a company is restricted from holding its own shares, an employee share plan trust can allow shareholder rights (e.g. to vote or receive dividends) to be passed on to beneficiaries as part of a share plan.

Benefits of appointing an integrated trustee and custodian

  • Simple trust transfer

    We provide a draft deed to effect the transfer. You give notice to your current trustee and execute the transfer deed. We take care of the rest.

  • Single point of contact

    Your contact will be supported by global tax, legal and compliance teams to ensure all existing and new trust reporting, regulatory and legal requirements are properly managed.

  • Lower cost for you

    The efficient processes between the trustee, custodian and plan administration teams enable us to offer lower fees than many incumbent trustees. Access to dealing and treasury services and availability of beneficial share dealing, interest and FX rates for our clients.

  • Reduce your internal workload

    The trustee and employee equity plan teams work together for all key events so you can focus on your day-to-day tasks. Our employee share plan team can instruct and recommend actions to your trustee directly on your behalf.

  • Decrease your global compliance and reporting risk

    The trustee will be supported by global tax, legal and compliance teams to ensure all existing and new trust reporting, regulatory and legal requirements are properly managed.

  • Reduce settlement risk

    We deal directly with the administrator and control your trust and custody positions to ensure no risk of late settlement and give participants certainty.

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