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Guide to participate in online AGMs and meetings

You can participate in the online meeting via your computer, tablet or smartphone. WE RECOMMEND that you participate via computer or tablet for the best experience. Online participation allows you to view a live webcast of the meeting, ask questions (via chat) and submit your votes in real time.
Please note that you will need the latest versions of Chrome, Safari or Edge. We recommend that you test your browser's compatibility by logging in early. You can log in one hour before the meeting starts.
Log in to the meeting:
  • Open a web browser and go to the webpage meetnow.global. Choose country (Denmark) or search for the company name to view a list of online meetings.
  • Choose the meeting you wish to attend by clicking 'Go'. 
  • On the login screen, please enter your username and password stated on your admission card which you have downloaded/received by email upon registration in the Shareholder Portal.
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions and click 'Continue'.

When successfully authenticated, the home screen will be displayed and the webcast will appear automatically once the meeting starts. On the tab menu, you will have options to: view broadcast, ask questions, vote and view meeting documents (if provided by the company). If the meeting supports more than one language, you can choose language in the top right menu next to your name.

  • Once you are logged into the meeting, you can ask questions by clicking on the 'Q&A' icon.
  • If the company uses question categories, please choose a category for your question from the drop down list (Select Topic).
  • Type your question in the bottom text field and press 'Send' to submit your question.
  • In the top text field you can view your sent question(s) and replies from the company.
  • When voting motions are put forward, a bar with a link to the voting tab will automatically appear on your screen. Click on the link or on the 'Vote' icon.
  • Select your voting direction from the options shown on the screen. 
  • Your vote has been cast when the check mark appears.
  • If you wish to change your vote, please click 'Change my vote'.
  • If the meeting supports multiple languages, you can select language in the menu at the top right corner next to your name.

If you experience problems with the streaming, you can refresh the page by clicking the F5 key (Windows) or Command+R (Mac).

If you need support, please contact Computershare's help desk on +45 4546 0997.