This year, Computershare continues to assist companies in organizing hybrid and virtual General Meetings through cutting-edge technology solutions and comprehensive services.

We are pleased to share some insights with you:

DSM-Firmenich Ltd has once again placed their trust in us for the second consecutive year to support them in the planning and execution of their hybrid Annual General Meeting. Our approach to hybrid General Meetings, which seamlessly integrate both physical and virtual participants, allows shareholders to vote either in person at the event or online from the convenience of their homes. This innovative solution fosters smooth interaction between on-site and virtual attendees.

Virtual participants were able to easily access our General Meeting portal gvote, via the internet using a login provided by Computershare. Voting was conducted through a user-friendly pop-up interface on the screen, enabling shareholders to cast their votes using the Yes / No / Abstain options. Once again, we managed to ensure a seamless voting experience with latency-free transmission.

Presentation room

Virtual participants had the opportunity to effortlessly ask questions directly into the meeting through a Zoom-Room platform. Shareholders were smoothly connected to the on-site location via a direct link to the Zoom meeting, empowering them to actively engage and contribute to discussions.

For Orascom Development Holding Ltd and Aevis Victoria Ltd, we successfully organized fully virtual Annual General Meetings, with the live stream managed by wtv global, showcasing their exceptional on-site performance.

Remarkably, at the Aevis Victoria SA AGM, we incorporated both video and written Q&A sessions into our AGM solution.

Our collaboration with ASMALLWORLD Ltd resulted in a unique AGM experience, hosted from our Olten offices. The company's stream and voting results were managed on our gvote online platform, ensuring smooth voting processes, accurate result recording, and real-time monitoring of logged-in shareholders.

The interaction between the issuer and Computershare during the General Meeting was facilitated through a Teams-Meeting. This innovative approach provides a significant benefit by simplifying operations, reducing the need for staff and resources, and ultimately resulting in cost savings.

We take pride in supporting esteemed companies like DSM-Firmenich Ltd, Orascom Development Holding Ltd, Aevis Victoria Ltd, and ASMALLWORLD Ltd as they embrace modern and interactive approaches to General Meetings. We eagerly anticipate the increasing adoption of digital solutions and the transition towards hybrid or virtual events by more companies in the future.

Control room

Through the utilization of Computershare's services, companies can guarantee that their General Meetings are conducted with efficiency, transparency, and user-friendliness, whether held in-person, virtually, or in a hybrid format.



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