​​​​Trust an expert to navigate your complex IPO journey

Whether you or your team have been through an Initial Public Offering (IPO) before or not, you can rely on us to support you throughout the process. Listing your company on the stock market is exciting - but it can also be stressful.

Partner with the registry provider who has worked on thousands of IPOs and who has the expertise to anticipate the pitfalls to safeguard your reputation and look after your investors. ​


 It’s critical that every aspect of your IPO runs smoothly

  • We’ll offer you insights and bright thinking
    We look to the communication and technology preferences of today’s consumer in order to design and deliver a great service experience for your potential investors. Our team will provide you with unparalleled insights; from trends in investor behaviours to the downstream impacts of IPO data on the efficiency of your share register.
  • You’ll benefit from a scalable project management approach
    You can trust us to apply our proven methodology while also tailoring our approach to your IPO and its size. This ensures that each component of your listing is delivered efficiently and to your specific needs.
  • We’ll maximise your control with easy-to-understand reporting
    Throughout the listing process we’ll provide you with reporting that integrates data from multiple sources (such as the call centre, digital sources, your banker etc.) to quickly and transparently track the progress of your IPO.

 Rely on senior expertise to successfully list your company

Paul Walton

Paul offers our clients 20 years’ experience in the share registry industry. He specialises in complex transactions across both equity capital markets and mergers & acquisitions. Paul works with our clients from early in the planning stages through to final execution and delivery. During his time here Paul has either lead or played a significant role in hundreds of transactions, including the IPO’s of Medibank, Aurizon (formerly QR National), along with major New Zealand Government asset sales. Major M&A transactions Paul has been involved with include the Cemex takeover by Rinker and NAB demerger of Clydesdale bank.

Cameron Jones

Cameron leads our Special Projects team and has 20 years of share registry experience. For the last 13 years, Cameron has been involved in nearly every major corporate action completed by Computershare, including listings for Medibank, Aurizon (formerly QR National), and Myer. Major M+A transactions such as NAB demerger of Clydesdale bank, Fosters takeover by SAB Miller and Cemex takeover by Rinker.

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