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The moment one meeting closes, you're never far from starting to plan the next​

When it comes to your AGM, you simply want everything to run smoothly. Review our best practice tips for your next meeting.
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 Staging your meeting can be complex and expensive. Our digital engagement tools will help

  • Leverage the latest in digital voting at your next meeting
    Securityholders attending a meeting in 2016 will be able to vote using Computershare’s new meetings application on their own device.

    This application supports virtual and hybrid AGMs by enabling securityholders to view live webcasts of the event and vote remotely via the app.
  • Offer your securityholders the opportunity to vote on the go
    No matter the device they use, your securityholders will receive a great online experience when they use our Investor Vote application to ask questions and lodge their proxy votes.

    This application can be launched simply by clicking on the link contained in an email when a securityholder receives their notice of meeting electronically, or by scanning a QR code that is printed on their meeting communications.
  • Keep track of your vote
    The fastest and easiest way for you to view your proxy data and monitor your live vote count is using our web-based application, Issuer Online.

    View your critical vote information in real time via the Proxy Watch module within Issuer Online. This gives you greater control over your meetings by providing fast and convenient 24/7 access to your proxy data and progressive proxy voting tally.

Insights from company meetings held in 2015

Our latest Intelligence Report is designed to help you better understand the current behaviour of your shareholders and identify opportunities to deliver best practice voting and meeting processes.
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​​Securing a contentious resolution  

Sometimes, a resolution can face intense scrutiny from shareholders. It's essential that your proposals are clear and 
engaging. This means you can’t just rely on the information that accompanies the Notice of Meeting and proxy forms to tell the story. You must be proactive.

Georgeson, a Computershare company, specialises in Proxy Solicitation. Through Georgeson, together we can analyse the issues and attitudes of your shareholder base, and develop a strategy to give you the best chance of your gaining approval for your resolutions.


Did you know we c​​an help you manage other meetings too?  

We also help organisations run meetings and votes for:
Scheme Meetings
General Meetings
Secret ballots
Directors elections
Enterprise agreement ballots
Levy polls
Member requisitioned meetings
Creditors meetings​

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We’ll help you communicate effectively with your securityholders while also leveraging digital engagement tools to drive down the cost of staging your meeting. Talk to our experts today.
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