Around here, its more than just a job

We were founded in 1978 and have been listed on the Australian Securities Exchange since 1994. We employ over 14 000 people across 90 offices around the world. Globally, we provide services in 21 countries to more than 25 000 clients and their 75 million shareholders.


Do you want to join a company that gives you the opportunity to reach your career potential?

As an employee, we'll invest in you, so you can develop and achieve your professional goals. We offer training and development to help you along the way, and help you gain as much experience as you can.

Dive in, roll your sleeves up and see what you can achieve.


What our team has to say

  • Ophney Mabusa

    Mailroom Manager

    Ophney Mabusa

    “I manage the Mailroom which consists of the Laser Room, Incoming Mail and Outgoing Mail. I started as an inserting machine operator and moved to being a data capturer and eventually a Team Leader. At that time all work was done manually until letter opening machines were introduced. All the opened letters would be written in a book and delivered to various departments and signed off by Supervisors. Thanks to modern technology and the introduction of scanners, emails and faxing life was made a lot easier with regards to the distribution of work to various departments or queues. My time here at Computershare has been enjoyable and I have learnt a lot over the years.”

Live Well. Be Well.

Our complete benefits package created with you in mind.

Encouraging a healthy, balanced life

We offer a complete benefits package that includes options designed to allow you to make the best decisions for you and your family. Centred on health, wellness and investing in your future, we aim to provide for your overall personal, financial and professional well-being.

Our comprehensive benefits include:

  • Group Scheme Medical cover with Discovery Health
  • Life and disability insurance and dread disease cover
  • 24-hour accident cover
  • Employee health and wellbeing programme (ICAS)
  • Employee share scheme
  • Financial study assistance
  • Pension-backed lending (for housing and renovations) - loan scheme administered by Standard Bank
  • Employee discounts for wellness - Discovery Vitality
  • Rewards and recognition programmes e.g. Platinum Awards, Long Service Awards

With benefits like these, it's no wonder our 14 000 employees around the globe enjoy it here!

Our commitment to diversity

We expect a lot from our employees, and we rely on them to protect and grow our business. Our employees trust us to properly recognise their diverse talents. We are committed to honouring that trust. Our philosophy on diversity is a practical one. It simply makes good business sense to leverage the diverse skills and talents of our entire global workforce regardless of gender, age, race, origin, ethnicity, cultural background, disability, sexual orientation and religious beliefs.

We believe that we should hire, develop, reward, promote and retain our people strictly on the basis of their talent and commitment and the results they achieve. We will never recruit or promote anything other than the basis of merit, competence and potential. Our approach to diversity is underpinned by practical objectives to ensure that all of our employees have an equal opportunity to demonstrate their talent, commitment and results.

Our global locations

​Our global footprint means we have the scale to maintain robust compliance, audit, risk, financial crime, disaster recovery and business continuity planning programs – offering peace of mind to our clients and their customers.