​​Computershare, a global financial services company, recently announced its expansion into the mortgage industry with the closing of the acquisitions of Capital Markets Cooperative (CMC) and Altavera Mortgage Services. In addition to building its Loan Services portfolio, the company has expanded its Mortgage Solutions group. Formerly known as Specialized Asset Management, Computershare Mortgage Solutions has made significant enhancements to its REO and valuation services including:

  • ​Full Appraisal and Broker Valuation Solutions
  • Property Inspection and Post Disaster Inspection Reports
  • Value Reconciliations, Mortgage Origination and Due Diligence Solutions and Rental Market and Renovation Analysis Solution

With the technology expertise, secure infrastructure and expanding global Loan Services offerings, Computershare is becoming a household name in the mortgage industry. To leverage these capabilities, we will re-brand Specialized Asset Management (SAM) to Computershare. Clients will be able to access the resources that Computershare offers. For example, we have recently made some enhancements to our Broker Price Opinion (BPO) form.

Jim Smith, an expert in real estate valuations, data, analytics, and technology solutions for mortgage lenders, servicers and investors, has joined the team as President of Mortgage Solutions. He brings extensive experience in appraisal and broker products and solutions and is available to speak on our new data-enhanced BPO forms, products and solutions that will be launching soon and trends in the mortgage space.

Jim and members of the Computershare Mortgage Solutions team will be attending next week's Five Star conference and are available to discuss the new product and service developments happening at Computershare. To set up a meeting, contact james.smith2@computershare.com.