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  • 06 DEC 2016

    Computershare Aligns with eSignature Group LLC to...

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  • 22 NOV 2016

    Georgeson's 2016 Annual Corporate Governance Revi...

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  • 06 OCT 2016

    Computershare Annual Report 2016

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  • 05 OCT 2016

    Computershare 2016 Notice of Meeting

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  • 27 JUL 2016

    Computershare Now Offers Access To Wealth Managem...

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  • 16 MAY 2016

    Computershare Finalizes Acquisition of Altavera M...

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  • 03 FEB 2016

    Computershare Announces Intent to Acquire Capital...

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  • 17 NOV 2015

    Georgeson Publishes the 2015 Annual Corporate Gov...

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  • 28 AUG 2015

    Computershare Acquires Class Actions Claims Admin...

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Our service capabilities

Computershare manages more than 125 million shareholder and participant accounts worldwide. We've built our network to handle incredible volumes each year:.​

17.3 Million phone calls to our customer service representatives
500 Million customer interactions processed
535 Billion dollars in dividend payments disbursed