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​You’ll be joining our 4,000 employees across the U.S. who provide client service and industry expertise in stock transfer, employee equity plans, corporate governance, mortgage servicing and other professional services. And there are another 16,000 teammates around the globe, doing the same for clients in more than 20 other countries.​

 Top five reasons to work at Computershare

1. Be part of a dynamic team
It’s the Computershare way to work hard and have fun with our teammates.
2. Be a change agent for good
We’re proud of the ways that we save energy, reduce waste and encourage each other to give to those in need where they need it most through our sustainability and community support programs.
3. Be well taken care of
We have great options for affordable medical benefits with wellness credits that promote a healthy lifestyle and earn you discounts, plus tuition reimbursement to promote ongoing education.
4. Be a driving force
New thinking and great ideas are vital to our culture of growth. You have the support to be a driving force for change.
5. Be career-minded
There are lots of ways to build a career here. Just raise your hand and ask.

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We were founded in 1978 and have been listed on the Australian Securities Exchange since 1994. We employ over 16,000 people across 90 offices around the world. Globally, we provide services in over 20 countries to more than 16,000 clients and their 125 million customers.

In the U.S., we have approximately 4,000 employees located in more than 20 offices across the country. Our team offers unsurpassed expertise and responsive client service as well as innovative technology and tools for employee equity plans, proxy solicitation, stakeholder communicatio​ns, and other financial and governance services, including mortgage servicing.

Our diverse portfolio of services and products across our entire group of companies, offers the opportunity to expand your skills, experience and responsibilities across a range of industries both locally and internationally.
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