We’re focused on all aspects of asset management

 Breaking the asset management mold

We know that our client's needs vary and continually change based upon market factors. Because of this, we deliver property solutions that can be flexible and customized to meet your needs. We bring a new standard of service that includes:

A flexible system that is customized to ever-changing client and industry needs
  • Reporting - Customized Investor Reporting and Analysis through a complete series of management reporting from exception to performance to risk
  • Exception Management - Alert Reporting created around defined exceptions and normal expectation parameters
  • Transparency - Full visibility to all assets, documents and processes on a web-based operations platform
  • Production Platforms - Currently supporting ResNet™ and Pyramid™ production platforms, also willing to discuss additional platforms to fit your needs
Institutionalized processes that maintain flexibility, and provide efficient task-based asset management
Measure & Controls - Key performance indicators and quality assurance program; system documentation and accurate record keeping; identified control points within every process
Nationwide Network – Pricing contracts negotiated with a proven network of nationwide REO service providers
Broker Network – Our experienced “Preferred” REO Broker network fosters deeper partnerships and trust between us and the REO Broker network.

Property preservation and condition inspections made easy

We provide pre and post foreclosure property condition inspections as well as preservation services. Our inspection services are customized to meet your requirements and standard forms are FNMA and FHLMC compliant. We simplify the property preservation process for you, providing a flat fee if the asset is in REO and an a-la-carte option if the asset is in default.

We provide both “as-is” and renovated marketing strategies based on your requirements. Our nationwide network of property preservation partners and REO brokers can provide any level of required property repair.

Property preservation includes: re-key, boarding and securitization of the property, interior and exterior trash-out, interior sales clean, yard care, pool maintenance, winterization before and after inspections if needed, and standard repair and renovation services.

Safe and considerate evictions management

We manage occupied asset processes such as eviction management, tenant compliance, rent control, rental lease analysis, rent collection, cash for keys relocation assistance, property maintenance, habitability inspections and repair for tenant occupied REOs. Our services include:

  • • Complete visibility into the evictions process via the Res.Net™ management platform
  • • “Cash for keys” management through our REO real estate agent network
  • • Partnerships with Eviction Attorneys, REO Real Estate Agents, property preservation providers, and local authorities to manage the evictions process from evictions order to REO lockout
  • • Further oversight and control for issues that may require additional legal counsel

 Tenants in foreclosure

Meeting the challenges of managing REO tenants

A tenant providing a “bona-fide” lease agreement may be allowed to remain in the property for the term of the lease. We proactively pursue all means possible to protect the tenant’s rights and our client’s interests:

  • Attorney review of tenant lease agreement to determine its validity.
  • Actively marketing REO as tenant occupied to investors.
  • “Cash for Keys” programs to assist in the tenant’s relocation.
  • Monitoring of tenant rent payments to ensure lease agreement terms are met.
  • Providing a rental management platform during the term of the lease.
  • Handling habitability inspections and repairs

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